“living is grazing

memory is chewing cud”

-Agnes Martin, The Untroubled Mind

A fragile sense of time and place marks our age. Life’s busyness rarely affords us the occasion to process our shifting traditions and fluctuating identities. Having grown up in a migrant family, my life is a vague accumulation of disparate locations and second-hand familial narratives. This fractured sense of memory informs my work.

I often employ repetitious processes that reflect the meditative possibilities of physical labor. Drawings utilize recurring marks that obscure the boundaries of image-as-object and image-as-action. Performances consist of incessant motions that transcend sequential time. Other projects mingle mythic accounts, forgotten narratives, and song lyrics, to affirm tenuous understandings of the past, and envisage the passing of the present.

Through story-telling and ritual, I seek a reference point that transcends me. Perhaps if I persevere in the mundane rites of the everyday, I will be able to occupy the liminal space that is life.